Director of Research Computing, Information Technology; Adjunct Assistant; Research Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor, Physics; Research Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; NSF XSEDE Campus Champion

Director of Research Computing - Information Technology

Educational Background: PhD, Engineering Physics, Michigan Technological University, 2008

MS, Physics, Bangalore University, 2002

BS, Physics, 2000

Professional Experience:

Developer, AT&T 2008-2008 Application

Academic Experience:

XSEDE Campus Champion (National Science Foundation) Michigan Technological University Nov 2012-Present

Director of Research Computing, Michigan Technological University, 2014-Present

Research Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering,  Michigan Technological University, 2017-Present

Adjunct Associate Professor, Physics,  Michigan Technological University, 2017-Present

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 2013-2017

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Physics, Michigan Technological University, 2013-2017

HPC Research Scientist, Michigan Technological University, 2011-2014

Research Scientist, Physics,  Michigan Technological University, 2009-2011

Areas of Expertise:

Parallel computing and visualization

Design and optimization of supercomputing platform

Design of computational work-flows

Technological tools for research and teaching

Interaction of biological matter with nanomaterials

Electronic structure calculations of nanoclusters

Scientific Computing

Courses Taught at Michigan Tech:

UN5390: Scientific Computing

PH4390: Computational Methods in Physics

PH4395: Computer Simulations in Physics

PH4999: MATLAB & LaTeX in Physics

MA5903: Scientific C Programming

Published Works (Selected):

M. S. Radue, B. D. Jensen, S. Gowtham, D. R. Klimek-McDonald, J. A. King, G. M. Odegard. “Comparing The Mechanical Response Of Di-, Tri-, And Tetra-Functional Resin Epoxies With Reactive Molecular Dynamics.” Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics, vol. 55, p. 255, 2018

O. Aluko, G. M. Odegard, S. Gowtham. “The Development Of Multiscale Models For Predicting The Mechanical Response Of GNP Reinforced Composite Plate.” Composite Structures, vol. XXX, p. 0, 2018

S. Chinkanjanarot, M. S. Radue, S. Gowtham, J. M. Tomasi, D. R. Klimek-McDonald, J. A. King, G. M. Odegard. “Multiscale Thermal Modeling Of Cured Cycloaliphatic Epoxy/Carbon Fiber Composites.” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol. xxx, p. yyy, 2017

O. Aluko, S. Gowtham, G. M. Odegard. “Effect Of Temperature On Elastic And Yielding Behavior Of Epoxy Using Reactive Force Field.” O. Aluko, S. Gowtham, G. M. Odegard

International Journal of Modern Engineering, vol. 17, p. 13, 2017.

O. Aluko, S. Gowtham, G. M. Odegard. “Multiscale Modeling and Analysis of Graphene Nanoplatelet/Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Hybrid Composite.” Composites Part B: Engineering, vol. 131, p. 82, 2017.