Infographic: The Role of Statistics in Computer Science

Michigan Tech The Role of Statistics in Computer Science
Michigan Tech The Role of Statistics in Computer Science

Statistics and Computer Science Go Hand in Hand

Statistics and Computer Science Go Hand in Hand

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Both are used in:

  • Data mining
  • Speech recognition
  • Vision and Image Analysis
  • Data compression
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Network and traffic modeling

The Statistician’s Cycle

  • Understanding Data
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Analysis
  • Theory Application
  • Problem Solving

This process helps establish a scientific foundation to problems and their solutions.

What Computer Scientists Do With Data

  • Acquisition/cleaning
  • Retrieval
  • Mining
  • Reporting
  • Develop Algorithms
  • Improve System Efficiency
  • Inform Artificial Intelligence

Statistics And Computer Science Come Together to Solve Problems

Statisticians use random models and computer scientists use algorithmic models, but when they come together, these two can solve problems they would struggle to alone. From data mining and analysis, to simulations and especially software engineering, these two are truly a dynamic duo.

Data Mining Processes

Computer Science


Data acquisition/enrichment

Experimental design for the collection of data/noise reduction

Data exploration

Discerning the distribution/variability

Analysis and Modeling

Group differences, dimension reduction; prediction; classification

Representation and Reporting

Visualization; communication


Statistics and Computer Science often intertwine, but it’s not always a perfect union. 

Computer scientists sometimes complain that statisticians:

  • Lack programming sophistication
  • Impose standard techniques over innovative techniques
  • Are more immersed in theory than solving real-world problems

Statisticians tend to take issue with computer scientists over their:

  • Lack of statistical foundations for data collection and analysis
  • Insufficient consideration of the objectives
  • Disregard for the representative nature of data

Joining Forces

But when these two combine their skills and talents, they can deliver a winning combination of science and efficiency.

  • Statisticians can help computer scientists avoid reinventing the wheel and move on to develop innovative techniques.
  • Computer Scientists can help statisticians move beyond theory and use their sophisticated skills to tackle real-world problems.
  • Statisticians often have soft skills that help decision-makers understand issues and how to apply solutions.

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