Jobs for Engineers with a Statistics Degree

statistical engineering
statistical engineering

Nearly all engineering programs require a course of study in statistics. That’s not surprising, because most engineering disciplines are impacted by the need to accurately manage, summarize, analyze, and report on data. While statistics for engineers are frequently relegated to one or two classes throughout a degree program, wider exposure enhances an engineer’s capacity to use statistics effectively. The addition of a degree in statistics opens up more possibilities, including new employment opportunities in both new and current positions.

Statistics for Engineers

Machine Design describes the necessary skills for all engineers, which include:

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Data Modeling
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication and Leadership

Probability and statistics serve to help the engineer design experiments, choose an appropriate analytical technique, and accurately interpret the results. Critical thinking, especially the critical thinking skills developed in a statistical environment, serve to ensure the engineer takes the most effective approach to problem-solving. And while it’s easy to think that most engineers, particularly statistical engineers, are working in the background – many operate at the forefront in leadership positions.

Types of Opportunities – Statistics in Engineering

Michigan Technological University recently published a blog on the necessity of statistics for engineers. The job opportunities for engineers with advanced statistical degrees include:

  • Statistical engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Quality control engineer
  • Data engineer

Per Chegg CareerMatch, a statistical engineer combines an engineering background with statistical training that results in sound, reliable production, and manufacturing decisions. The ability to design experiments (e.g., for production times, downtime, quality, etc.) is high on the list of job qualifications. The ability to lend the needed engineering context to the experimental design and associated analysis will produce high quality, highly relevant results. The statistical engineer is generally tasked with reporting the outcomes; this skill set of accurately and effectively reporting results can be learned in a robust statistics program.

Software engineers, in the course of software design, testing, and implementation, also consult with customers regarding their needs. This consultation guides both the design and roll-out of the software. Computer Science noted that the ability to create robust mathematical models (taught in statistics courses) is essential. Likewise, the ability to provide meaningful consultations links directly to the individual’s critical thinking skills.

Quality control engineers, as described by PayScale, are responsible for meeting a company’s manufacturing standards, along with standard and federal criteria. Quality control engineers oversee the entire process for a product, from design to packaging. Quality testing is frequently done with experiments; engineers must be competent in research design and methods.

Statistics in engineering can help an individual excel as a data scientist. They can also use their knowledge and expand it into a data workflow and ETL (Extract, Process, Load) role which will help them excel as a data engineer. Towards Data Science reported that a data engineer is the main driver behind the organization who compiles large data structures for analysis. The qualifications expected here include experience working with Big Data tools such as:

  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • Kafka

Branching out even further regarding jobs for engineers with a statistics degree, among the many innovative opportunities combining statistics and engineering is biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineering combines engineering and science (research design) to create medical equipment and technologies. Perhaps you are more invested in environmental concerns – some opportunities blend statistics and engineering such as environmental engineering. Opportunities with the addition of a statistics degree become much broader.

A search through the employment engine Simply Hired resulted in various statistical engineering jobs, including the following:

Type of Company

Job Role/Duties – Statistical Capabilities

Other Qualifications

Aerospace and defense

Conducting statistical data analysis, predictive modeling, and simulation tools to assist technical decision making and anomaly resolution

Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Manufacturing & Technologies

Developing and deploying custom applications designed to collect data and monitor process stability for manufacturing and inspection processes

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

Specialty Vehicles, Parts & Services

Responsible for technical quality and manufacturing root cause analysis problem-solving.

Must have excellent communication skills with the ability to interface directly with hourly employees as well as upper-level management concerning quality initiatives and progress updates.


Most of the positions expressed a preference (or requirement) for individuals with an advanced degree in statistics, such as a master’s degree.

Education for a Statistical Engineer

If you want to expand your statistical skillset and integrate your engineering background into a new career rooted in statistics, a master’s level statistics degree is a strong option. Michigan Technological University offers an  Online Masters in Statistics program that can be completed 100 percent online. The comprehensive program offers coursework ranging from analytical design to computational statistics to predictive modeling. It also focuses on critical thinking, communication, and leadership. Coursework centers on real-world examples using real data sets and effective communication between teams, executive leaders, and clients.


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