Michigan Tech Ranked a Top College for ROI

Applied Statistics at Michigan Tech
Applied Statistics at Michigan Tech

It is human nature that when we invest in something, we want to see a positive return on our investment (ROI). ROI is an increasingly important metric across industries, but it is particularly valuable for students who are assessing potential post-secondary institutions. Given this, Michigan Technological University is proud to announce that they have been ranked as a Top College for ROI by Supermoney.com.

Supermoney generated their rankings by using data gathered by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, which in turn pulls most of its results from the United States Department of Education. Building on this data set, Supermoney assessed the total costs for students to attend various colleges and universities before financial aid reductions. Then, they compared these figures to salary data compiled from PayScale.com. In doing so, they tracked the median income of each school’s graduates 20 years post-graduation against similar figures for those who only graduated high school.

Having crunched these numbers, Supermoney forecast that the 20-year ROI for Michigan Tech graduates reached $649,000. This remarkable figure put Michigan Tech in a direct tie with the New Jersey Institute of Technology for 49th place.

Achieving this spot within this elite echelon of schools is certainly a satisfying outcome. What is also noteworthy about this Supermoney ranking, though, is that the average student debt of Michigan Tech graduates is among the lower on the list. Michigan Tech is aware that the burden of student debt can hit new graduates hard when they are just beginning their careers. Accordingly, the fact that Michigan Tech keeps this figure relatively low and also can provide such an amazing ROI over the long-term is impressive.

These results are exciting for Michigan Tech because they suggest that graduates from their online programs can use the acquired skills and gained experiences to find great job prospects after graduation. Michigan Tech is committed to creating online curricula that allow students to master the key principles of their field. At the same time, Michigan Tech respects that many graduate students are juggling the demands of their personal and professional lives. With the flexibility of online learning that still provides all students with an immersive learning experience, Michigan Tech is thrilled to earn such an accolade. Even more exhilarating is that this ranking suggests that Michigan Tech alumni are going on to do great things following graduation.

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