Infographic: Careers for Statisticians

statistician career
statistician career

Statistician Career infographicIf numbers and analysis are your forte, a career as a statistician may be perfect for you. According to the World of Statistics, the demand for statisticians is high and growing. What is driving this growth? Society is becoming increasingly data-dependent, which naturally leads to an increased reliance on data to support decisions and growth (and those who can leverage it properly for this purpose). 

The Role of the Statistician 

Statisticians look for patterns that describe the world or human behavior - something applicable to diverse sectors including: 

  • Government
  • Technology
  • Medicine
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Economics 

Across all of these industries, statisticians rely on big data from the internet of things, multimedia sources, company research, and social media. 

Statisticians At Work

How do statisticians solve problems? They carefully examine data, test a hypothesis, make a prediction and draw actionable conclusions. To move through these steps successfully, statisticians must understand

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data mining
  • Statistical computing
  • Experimental design 

The Job Outlook for Statisticians

Almost 90% of America’s industries use statistics daily, which is why this career is growing at such a rapid rate. The data around the career outlook reflects a 33% increase compared to 2016: 

  • Average annual salary: $87,780
  • Expected jobs by 2026: 53,800 

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