Top Skills Needed by Statisticians

Top Skills Needed by Statisticians
Top Skills Needed by Statisticians

In a world driven by data, statisticians play a crucial role for organizations across industries. They apply a wide array of statistical methods to test hypotheses, make predictions, and draw accurate and actionable conclusions. Most come from a math-background and can transform complex sets of data into practical applications. The findings presented help businesses to make informed decisions.

Traits of a Successful Statistician

Statistician skills and training include methods like predictive modeling, data mining, parametric estimation, and probability factors to forecast various outcomes. Competent statisticians should have a firm understanding of a wide variety of other methods for estimation and will know how to apply their deep knowledge of statistics in diverse applications. In addition to the focused statistical skills, statisticians should have:

  • Strong mathematics abilities
  • Wide-ranging computer skills
  • Ability to communicate findings to non-statisticians
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Industry knowledge
  • Teamwork and collaborative skills

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The Demand for Statisticians

Organizations around the world have more data at their disposal than at any other time in history but often are not equipped to use that data in any practical way. Statisticians are thus in high demand in today’s job market. These professionals are likely to find employment in sectors as diverse as healthcare, environmental sciences, education, or even professional athletics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for mathematicians and statisticians is expected to grow by 33% between 2016 and 2026.

How to Become a Statistician

In 2018 the LinkedIn Learning blog reported that statistical analysis and data mining are among the leading in-demand hard skills in today’s job market. A masters in applied statistics online is one of the best pathways to becoming a professional statistician or data analyst.

Online Statistics Degree

For those who are already in the workplace and want to earn their master’s degree while continuing to gain professional experience, an online master’s degree in statistics is an attractive option. Michigan Technological University offers its Master of Science in Applied Statistics degree in a 100% online format that can be completed in as few as five semesters depending on a student’s background and experience. The 30 credit-hour program provides busy professionals with the benefit of a fully accredited degree from a university that was ranked by Forbes in its top-25 list of American STEM programs.

Michigan Tech’s online applied statistics degree offers students the opportunity to grow in the following areas: Advanced Statistical Methods, Programming and Technology, Real-World Problem Solving, Communication and Leadership. Earning a master’s degree in applied statistics will bolster students’ skills and resumes in ways that will open doors to new job positions, pay raises, and opportunities to lead.

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