Melissa S. Keranen

Melissa S. Keranen

Graduate Program Director
Melissa S. Keranen

Graduate Program Director, Department of Mathematical Sciences


Ph.D., Mathematics, Michigan Technological University, 2005.

M.S. in Mathematics, Michigan Technological University, 2002.

B.S. in Mathematics, Michigan Technological University, 2000.




Melissa Keranen was born and raised in Calumet, MI. She came to Michigan Technological University in 1997 as an undergraduate student and has been here ever since. In 2006, she accepted a position in the Department of Mathematical Sciences as an Assistant Professor. Her research interests include combinatorial designs and graph decompositions. She also enjoys teaching students at all levels, and regularly teaches Calculus and Introduction to Cryptography.

Areas of Expertise

  • Combinatorial designs
  • Graph decompositions
  • Graph colorings

Recent Publications

J. Asplund and M.S. Keranen, Mutually Orthogonal Equitable Latin Rectangles, Discrete Math, 311 (2011), 1015-1033.

M.S. Keranen, M.R. Laffin, Fixed block configuration group divisible designs with block size six, Discrete Math, 312 (2012), 745-756.

M.S. Keranen, D.L. Kreher, S. Ozkan, Uniform two-class regular partial Steiner triple systems, Journal of Combinatorial Designs, 20 (2012), 161-178.

J. Asplund, M.S. Keranen, C. Rodger, Enclosings of lambda-Fold 5-Cycle Systems, Journal of Combinatorial Designs, To appear.

M.S. Keranen, S. Ozkan, The Hamilton-Waterloo problem with 4-cycles and a single factor of n-cycles, Graphs and Combinatorics, To appear.