MTU's Online Master of Science in Applied Statistics Program

MTU Online Master of Science in Applied Statistics Program
MTU Online Master of Science in Applied Statistics Program

Hear what our faculty have to say about our online Master's in Applied Statistics program.


Jiguang Sun, Department Chair

Today's world is driven more and more by data. The employment of mathematicians and statisticians is going to increase by 33% in the next 10 years. Our master's program consists of 10 courses, and each course is seven weeks, and you can do this program online 100%. 

The curriculum actually is a mixture of traditional and modern data techniques like training in R, SAS, or Python, with real datasets. You can take three courses and you get a certificate in statistics, and then you can move on with the master's program. And these three courses will be counted, and after you finish all the 10 courses, you will end up with a wonderful master's degree in applied statistics. 

If you think about Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and how they connect to the whole world using mathematical algorithms and statistics, no wonder the employment of statisticians is going to grow a lot in the next decade. 


Melissa Keranen, Graduate Program Director

Statistics really have the power of improving everything from business operations right down to the quality of life for people all around the world. 

Some of our students here from Michigan Tech have ended up with jobs at places like Mayo Clinic, BioStat Solutions, AA Networks, Argus Informational and Advising Services, also Epic Systems. And it's just been very exciting to watch them go out and take what they've gained from us here at Michigan Tech and better their careers.


Yeonwoo Rho, Associate Professor

I think one of the major advantages of Michigan Tech's online program is its smaller class size and despite being an online class, students get to know each other. 

Upon the completion of this program, the statistical training and your experience with real data will make you more attractive to companies that are looking for data scientists.  


Ying Sha, Professor

The courses being offered in our program are very attractive. We do not only offer courses that provide students with a background in statistics but also emphasize applied skills. 


Kui Zhang, Professor

Our online applied statistical program covers a large number of commonly and widely used statistical methods, so these methods can be applied to the business industry and many other fields.


Phil Kendall, Senior Lecturer

No matter what a student's field of study is, eventually, they will encounter numerical data, and in today's world, there are a lot of datasets and they are extremely large, so it's an important skill in all fields to be able to handle those large datasets and be able to determine what the data is telling us.